Following article by assignment help that brings out the present situation of Australia in the battle against global health emergency and illustrates the steps taken to get rid of covid-19 pandemic in Australia. Also, highlights the consequences faced by Australia due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

First case of coronavirus was reported to world health organization(who) as pneumonia of unknown origin in Wuhan, china on 31 december,2019. It was declared as a global pandemic by who on 12 march 2020. The coronavirus health crisis has spread all over the world and has caused fatalities in mass quantity. Due to this global health crisis, the world is facing serious consequences and the outcome is undefined. Similarly, Australia is also facing similar health crisis and has declared it as healthy emergency. First case of covid-19 positive patient in Australia was confirmed when a man who had returned from Wuhan, china, tested positive for coronavirus. Assignment help highlights that at a glance, the total number of 7,474 confirmed cases, 6903 recovered cases, total mortality of 102 and new cases in the last 24 hours of covid-19 reported since late January. It is noted that Queensland was the first to notify it as a public health emergency demanding necessary measures to keep the condition under control.

 The stream of infection spread outlined by department of health, states and territories on 22/6/2020 as overseas 61.7%, locally acquired- contact of infection known 27.9%, locally acquired but contact of infection unknown 10.2%, and cases under, investigation 0.2℅. also, the mortality has been documented in the age group between 46-96 years covid-19 positive individuals and the majority of fatalities have been reported in males of extreme ages above 70. The mortality ratio in Australia is 1.36%. Fetched from World Health Organization(WHO), the highest number of cases of 650 confirmed cases was reported on 28 march 2020 and the cases are declining and no death is reported since then. Moreover, Australia went against the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) and banned people arriving from china and closed its borders with strict rules for non residents of Australia on 20 march. The fight against covid-19 has affected every aspect of the daily routine of the people in Australia and every beneficial measure is deemed to alleviate this crisis and overcome the deficiencies caused by it. For this purpose, Australian government released an app named coronavirus Australia developed to help users to access information about covid-19 pandemic. On the 23rd of January, the screening of passengers started up on flights from Wuhan to Sydney by biosecurity officials. On the 25th of January, the first case was reported. To manage the outbreak, the prime minister of Australia has activated an emergency response plan for novel coronavirus. Furthermore, the Australian government is installing gp respiratory clinics around the country to assess symptoms of the infection.


The economy and financial system of Australia have faced drastic consequences in the present health crisis.  The arts and recreations sector is severely affected. Financial market volatility has been remarkably increased. Equity prices have suffered large reductions. Also, government bond profits have decreased to lows. Funding markets are providing funds to solely borrowers of interest. The financial system of Australia is adequately positioned to overcome the destruction caused by the effects of the coronavirus.  The reserve bank is working with the other financial controllers along with the Australian government to assist in securing the Australia’s financial markets. The largest measure announced by the Australian government, the jobkeeper wage subsidy program in response to economic crisis resulted due to the covid-19 pandemic.

The current situation has also adversely affected the entertainment industry. Social distance related restrictions have made filming difficult. According to industry body screen producers Australia, at least sixty productions in Australia have now closed, affecting Shang chi, Wakefield, home and away, back to the rafters, Australian survivor, big brother harrow, Australia’s got talent, and, as of Friday, the bachelor. All other similar sectors have been tumbled by coronavirus crisis. More than 100 Australian film and TV productions have been discontinued during this pandemic. Various events including concerts and theatres were postponed due to ban on public gatherings of more than 500 people guided by the Government of Australia.  An annual literary festival, Sydney Writers’ Festival ceased the tickets sales and cancellation is predicted due to COVID-19 related bans. Moreover, an annual festival of lights , music and ideas named Vivid Sydney cancelled its event for the very first time in the history. Furthermore, the COVID-19 caused the disruption to the sports calendar in Australia. The first event of sport to be affected by the fear of Coronavirus was the event by The Australian Grand Prix. Australia’s oldest and richest short distance running race, Stawell Gift was to be held on Easter but was halted. Also, The Australian Football League cancelled one match after a player was tested positive for coronavirus. Several sorts of gatherings and businesses have been restricted in Australia to limit the spread of infection. Whereas, guidance has been issued by the concerned authorities to check restrictions related to COVID-19 specific to a particular state or territory and carry out restriction free activities accordingly.

Recent changes in restrictions related COVID-19 pandemic as announced by Victorian Government entail households can only have five visitors, outdoor gathering restricted to ten and gyms, pubs, restaurants and cafes limit to 20 people only. Non essential travel into places like clinics and hospitals are strongly discouraged. This restrictions are to remain till 12 July. Victoria’s virus second spike is an alarming situation and sends health alert signals across the country. Furthermore, reopening the borders and easing the restrictions can aggravate the situation in Australia as the main source of coronavirus unfolds overseas.  we

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The educational system severely hit by coronavirus outbreak. The University of Sydney has cancelled all graduations, conferences, academic events and student organized events in response to limit the infection spread. The University of New South Wales also announced that all student and academic events  were cancelled and shifted learning online. The University of Queensland also discontinued the classes due to the fear of coronavirus spread.


It is determined that Australia’s cases of infection started to fall dramatically from April. Australia have been so far successful in largely resisting the spread of the virus within their countries, and in particular, maintaining the mortality rate low. Further, Australia has exercised strict social distancing disciplines. Borders were closed, workers were instructed to work from home, schools were closed in several places, non essential meetings were discourage and numerous events were cancelled. These strategies have enabled Australia to flatten the trajectory of the COVID-19 spread curve. Moreover, Australia is self-sustaining with a very well-developed public health system. On the other hand, Australia also has acquired the advantage of scanning the consequences of COVID-19 in other countries in the world due to slightly late arrival and found sufficient time to prepare its public health system. This has enabled Australia to keep the situation under control and prevent the cases of infected patients from escalating. At last, the authorities in Australia are making every possible effort to prevent another spike in the coronavirus cases as chances of stimulating a resurgence of COVID-19 are high with unbearable casualties.

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