Many people from around the globe move to Australia for a better lifestyle. Australia promises a layback lifestyle with awesome weather, always available amazing beachside picnics and you enjoy adventurous activities here. The reason behind moving to Australia is not only for beaches and barbecues, in fact, but the country also offers a huge number of well-paid jobs. You can do a job in any industry and earn quite well in Australia. In this article of resume writing service, we will discuss high aid jobs in Australia.

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The global tech market is constantly growing and evolving, leading to a major disruption in the working landscape. With new jobs being developed and existing roles evolving for the modern world of work, you have a choice to either be a disruptor or risk being left behind. It’s no surprise that the most dynamic and transformative roles come with higher salaries and incentives. What are the jobs in Australia that make the list as Australia’s highest paying in 2020? Let’s explore:


One of the most demanding and high paid jobs in Australia is the program manager. Overseeing and coordinating a company’s projects and programs, the Program Manager is tasked with ensuring they run based on the overall vision of the company and align with its goals. In 2020, the scope of this role is expanding. Being able to analyze data and use it to make informed decisions is what will allow you to take your company to new heights.


The IT industry is booming in Australia. Hence, it is not surprising that IT System Architects earn up to AUD 139,690 per year. An IT System Architect builds, designs and tests the entire IT infrastructure of organizations that have an internal network. They handle highly sensitive and complex projects, which require not only knowledge and information, but also previous experience. Since this job is extremely technical and requires expertise, IT System Architect is one of the highest-paid jobs in Australia.



If you specialize in Cloud Engineering, you should definitely consider moving to Australia. Even though it is a recently generated job, it is soon becoming one of the most required jobs in the IT sector. A Cloud Engineer can earn up to AUD 115,590 per year. With everything moving into the cloud, the ease with which we can access and store infinite amounts of data is increasing. So, designing the infrastructure to support this, all the while using your skills in cloud computing, solution architecture and software development, means that you’re in high demand! According to LinkedIn, there has been a 22% increase in professionals in this role over the past year, so now is the time to be working in this position. 


An Engineering Manager in Australia can earn as much as 132,350 AUD depending upon the discipline of engineering he is working on. They are paid really well for their tasks and responsibilities in their respective organizations. For example, an Engineering Manager working in profitable fields like oil, gas, and energy can earn very high as compared to those working in the fields of chemicals and mining. Furthermore, you have to improve your resume writing to make your CV more attractive. CV matters the most and attracts the attention of the employer.


The society today is very much concerned about information technology security. The demand for Information Technology Security Architect is very high in this regard, hence, jobs for IT security are very highly paid. An experienced Information Technology Security Architect earns around 124,000 AUD or 88,000 USD in Australia. Australia offers a large number of vacancies for these professionals, so if you are an Information Technology Security Architect then you surely have a bright future in Australia.

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A Data Scientist is a must-have position for systems development and exploitation activities. If you are a Data Scientist in Australia, then you can easily earn around 100,000 AUD or 70,000 USD. It is a skill domain that requires a strong academic background as well as experienced in the technical field. So if you are in for a Data Scientist, you surely are going to earn a lot in Australia.


Another interesting and highly paid jobs in the Australian job market is the Python Developers. A Python Developer can earn up to 100,000 AUD. Python is the most commonly used development language and hence it is a significant force in the industry of Information Technology. If you are an experienced Python Developer, then you can easily earn a lot more in Australia. There are currently approximately 2600 vacancies for python developers in Australia.


It is 2020. Transformation is a given and the global market is rapidly changing. Companies need to keep up. To stay relevant and drive growth, the role of the Chief Digital Officer becomes increasingly important. That is why there is an immense hiring demand for these types of professionals. The most common skills possessed by those in the talent pool are digital strategy, stakeholder management and business analysis.



You can also consider being a Wellbeing Manager if you want to earn good money in Australia. A Wellbeing Manager on average earns 110,520 AUD. Although this position is considered to be a recent creation, large firms and corporations are becoming more concerned about the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. Being physically and mentally well, the employees remain happy and can work efficiently. Normally the Human Resources department of organizations is responsible for bringing out a Wellbeing Manager. There is no set qualification of this post, however you should be up to date with the knowledge and should have an enthusiasm for this post. A Wellbeing Manager needs to be skilled with enhanced sense of creativity.

The world is growing fast and the competition for jobs is also increasing. Australia is a spot where people want to go for both studies and jobs. Never forget that your CV plays an important role and for this you can hire a CV writing service to make your CV more attractive. CV is a professional document that grabs the attention of the employer.

The Australian country is among the highly developed nations due to which it has a very high GDP per capita and a very low poverty rate. Moreover, the country offers a great quality lifestyle, brilliant education, and much more. So if you are planning to move to Australia, you can consider some of these highest paying jobs in Australia, to earn as much as you can for a better living. The great employment opportunities of Australia attract immigrants from around the globe to this country.

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